Interfaith Solar Campaign

Faith Communities, Going Solar Together

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Why an Interfaith Solar Campaign?

Simply put, the Campaign helps faith communities get solar panels. It is part of a larger movement, designed to show  unity and strength in numbers. Through this work,  faith communities are greening the energy economy by going solar. 

3 ways you can participate:


The campaign works with congregations throughout the US, bringing expertise in renewable energy, construction management, and financing. 

If your congregation has struggled to get solar panels, we can help. Click on Get Started with Solar. Complete the form and we will help you determine if solar panels can work for your congregation. 

The Right Move for Your Building?

Faith communities are investing in their future with solar power, showing their commitment to fighting climate change. Most realize savings that come with energy from the sun. 

Of equal importance, when you join this movement you influence and inspire congregants to take their own climate action.

Houses of Worship with solar energy have inspired members of their congregation, and the surrounding community, to take climate action as well.  Some report attracting new members to their faith community as a result of the leadership they have shown. It’s a win-win opportunity!

The reality of the climate emergency threatens lives and the planet, making it imperative that people of faith work together to inspire climate action in others.

Please join this effort and together we will combat the worst effects of this existential problem.

The Many Benefits of Going Solar


Your congregation can be a local leader in environmental stewardship. Fellow congregations will recognize your action and will be inspired to participate. Building a sense of community pride and climate action is the mission of this campaign


Fossil fuel electricity costs continue to rise as supplies diminish, but not so with the endless sun.
You will save money and avoid those monstrous yearly price increases by your utility when you have solar panels generating the majority of your energy.


Beyond the visual appeal of solar panels enhancing your place of worship, bask in the knowledge that you are contributing to a healthier planet. Many congregations see going solar as a way to inspire more people to do climate action, a clear ministry coming from their faith.


Clean energy promotes overall well-being for all. Being part of the solution, and less of the problem, relieves guilt and reroutes anger into action.

Transform your faith community into a beacon of renewable energy

The Campaign partners with The CollectiveSun Foundation to make solar affordable. Our goal is to make your project “cash flow positive” and save money from day one. If your house of worship meets the criteria we will help you replace your current electric bill with a lease of solar panels that mirrors your current electricity cost.

With this scenario, CollectiveSun owns the panels on your roof, and so is responsible for purchasing, installing and maintaining those panels. You receive all of the energy generated by their solar appliance. This takes away the need to find all of the upfront money to purchase a system. 

As a nonprofit, the CollectiveSun Foundation will own your solar system during the life of the panels. As owners, they are responsible for the maintenance of the panels, and they will provide a production guarantee along with 24/7 monitoring. It’s the easy button for you and your congregation!

Solar panels will alter the look of your roof, and we consider that look to be the new “status symbol”. 

Solar shows your commitment to a new energy economy that is life-affirming. Altering your building’s look allows others to see that they, too, can take tangible climate action.

Solar projects often fail to reach the finish line due to a lack of technical expertise and financial support. The Interfaith Solar Campaign grew out of this need, and has the partners who can navigate this kind of construction project. 

If you were replacing your roof, you probably wouldn’t try to do it yourself. With solar projects, bringing the right people together to make a solar array work for your roof takes the right expertise as well. 

We’ve got you covered. Our team will provide thorough explanations, ongoing support, and education. You’re not alone in this journey.

Yes! Reducing your carbon emissions by relying less on fossil fuels to power your buildings is a tangible step in fighting climate change. Equally important is the example that you set for those in your congregation and surrounding community. And when you go solar you’ll be one of over 2500 congregations of faith in the US that have already done so. You’re not alone!


Solar Benefits

  • Solar panels turn the sun into your source of electricity, ensuring immediate and long-term savings.
  • Our expert team will help navigate vendor selection, construction management and long term operations and maintenance
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our full support, including a production guarantee.


This isn’t just about solar panels; it’s about utilizing your faith community to lead the way in positive change.

Transform Your Faith Community Today!

What to Do:
Why Now?

There is a climate emergency that is calling for faith leaders and their congregations to act– and to lead the way for others. Putting solar panels on your building is the right thing to do, and will pay dividends in many ways. 

Act now before it’s too late. 

Picture Your Community's Future with Solar Power:

Social Benefits:

Imagine the admiration of neighboring faith communities as they witness your commitment to environmental stewardship. Picture the network of support and collaboration that forms when your community becomes a leader in sustainable practices.

Financial Benefits:

Feel the tangible impact of reduced energy bills on your community’s budget. Redirect those funds to community initiatives, outreach programs, and projects that enrich the lives of your congregation.

Physical Benefits:

Visualize the solar panels seamlessly integrated into your place of worship, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and becoming a symbol of your commitment to a healthier planet.

Emotional Benefits:

Experience the deep satisfaction that comes with making a positive impact. The pride, excitement, and sense of purpose that accompany being part of a community actively contributing to positive change.

Influence others to take climate action!

We often forget how influential the acts of faith communities can be. But faith communities already are guiding the country to a clean energy economy by going solar. Be part of that effort and support this organizing work. We can only do it together.

Be part of the solution! 

Featured Projects

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The Costs of Doing Nothing

On the flip side, imagine the continued burden of high energy bills, the missed opportunities for financial growth, and the unfulfilled potential of becoming a beacon for sustainable practices.

Why Now?


The opportunity for change is within reach. Don’t let another moment pass without securing the financial relief, environmental impact, and community pride that solar power brings.

Your faith community will thrive, both financially and environmentally. Act now, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. The benefits are real, and they’re waiting for you.

Act Now!


The choice is clear. Transform your faith community and unlock a future filled with financial stability, environmental leadership, and community pride.

What to Do:

Your Future Awaits – Take the Leap Today!

Interfaith Solar Campaign is a fiscally sponsored project of CollectiveSun Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. EIN: 85-0723497

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