Interfaith Solar Campaign

How to Get Started

While governmental and business leaders talk about how to solve the climate crisis, people of faith are taking tangible action! Using sustainable solutions like solar energy reduces carbon emissions from your buildings. 

Want to power your buildings with solar? 

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Key information you will need: 

  • Age of your roof. If it’s looking old, find out if there’s a plan to replace it and when.
  • Pictures of your electrical room, the electrical panel itself, including up close pictures of the breaker box
  • Team members: Identify those that will help you with this project.  Invite those  responsible for building operations, finances, and members of your governing body.  Lay leaders with strong environmental focus as well as your minister, rabbi, or other religious leader should be included.
  • Determine who makes decisions on big investments in your building.  
  • Step up! Waiting for others to do this leg work will only get you where you already are!


SunForAll, the nonprofit arm of CollectiveSun, offers a lease option to houses of worship that can’t afford to purchase a solar energy system. In the lease option, the house of worship owns the electricity and SunForAll owns the panels.  This arrangement opens up the opportunity for many that wouldn’t be able to afford solar. 

CollectiveSun has its financing through the United Church of Christ’s Cornerstone Fund. Leases help to pay back the loan, in this case the panel’s owner, CollectiveSun. Faith communities only make a monthly lease payment, and do not take out loans. This is one of the many services offered by this Campaign.